Jess is a modern day lesbian Lothario who was so hurt from an emotionally damaging relationship that now she doesn’t let anyone get close. She protects herself by keeping her relationships short and sweet. When Jess’s sister Josie challenges her to get to know a woman before she jumps into bed with her, Jess is intrigued. How hard can that be? Although she’s a serial monogamist, Jess has deep-seated morals that will be tested to the limit by her carefree acceptance of Josie’s challenge. When she falls for her sister’s best friend Katie, she suddenly finds her life upended, and she’s left wondering if she actually has what it takes to have a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Is she destined to spend her life bed-hopping? Will her ever-growing attraction to Katie be the catalyst for romance, or will Katie’s indecision about her life prove to be Jess’s downfall?
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Excellent debut romance”

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Jess has been badly hurt and emotionally drained by a previous relationship. Now she won’t allow anyone to get close to her. In fact, she’s adopted the rather cavalier attitude of `love them, don’t get involved, then leave them’.

Jess’s sister, Josie, issues her with a challenge to get to know a woman on a personal level before sleeping with her. Jess accepts the challenge. After all, it can’t be that hard, can it? Jess does have morals after all. Morals that she is going to find hard to keep in the face of Josie’s challenge.

When Jess meets Josie’s best friend Katie, she finds her life spiralling out of control. She is totally smitten with her. Now Jess is wondering if she can ever have a loving and lasting relationship. Will she ever be able to have the happy ever after she wants deep down? Or will she be destined to spending the rest of her life going from one woman to another? Unfortunately, even though Jess may be willing to give a relationship a try, Katie has too many personal issues that only she can resolve. Will Katie sort her life out and choose Jess? Or is Jess going to be alone forever?

Now and then I come across a debut author who shines through. Pauline George is one such author. She has written a wonderful story with believable and loveable characters. All well developed, multidimensional and easy to get to know. Jess and her group of friends are fun and down to earth. I lost myself in with them and completely lived the story with them. I couldn’t put this book down and read it in one sitting. So, allow plenty of time before you start it.

The story is set around Croydon, Surrey, England and goes over to Canada. There are a lot of Britishisms throughout, but they shouldn’t be too hard for overseas readers to follow. I think this is one of reasons I particularly enjoyed this book too, I could easily identify with the group of friends and the settings.

Getting back to the story, it is well written, told by Jess from her point of view and full of passion and hope. It did go backwards and forwards a bit and there was a bit of repetition, but nothing that pulled me out of the actual story. So, I’d still give this book top marks.

If Pauline George comes up with another book as good as this one, I’ll be first in line to buy it.

About the Author

Pauline George has come from Aircraft Mechanic to Motor Mechanic to Signal Operator to Writer, plenty of grist for the writing mill. Pauline was born in the beautiful county of Kent and is the eldest of four children. She now lives halfway between the buzzing metropolis of London and the quiet countryside of the Surrey Hills. Pauline realised at an early age she had the ability to write creatively, so much so that her English teacher Joyce Fowle gave her an extra exercise book for her poetry and essays. To this day she still has that exercise book. Although Pauline has always enjoyed writing she has never really had the nerve to ‘put it out there’ with many a story finishing up in the waste bin. However she has co-written a musical and a one act play which were performed at her local amateur dramatic society. Pauline also performed a one woman show at that same dramatic society after completing a year at a drama school in London as a mature student. Pauline indulges her hobbies of walking and photography when she isn’t writing, but even then her mind is busy creating the stories she hopes you will enjoy reading.

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