51w4wDmzR5L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Jess McClure is a single dad trying to turn his Arizona cattle ranch into a guest ranch, but things keep going wrong. The bank loan doesn’t come through, the money isn’t there and then things go from bad to worse when his ex-wife shows up wanting to see his daughter again. Roni James is a famous country music star and doesn’t have time for families or husbands or daughters. At least that’s what Jess has been thinking since he was served with divorce papers years ago. Since then, he hasn’t thought about Roni at all. Not at all. Except in his dreams where everything is the way it used to be.

Roni shows up at the ranch where she once lived with Jess and their daughter, Sara, but now she’s a stranger and isn’t welcome, but her money sure is. She’s either going to be a nightmare or the answer to his dreams when she offers to back him financially for a percentage of the profits, once the ranch is up and running.

Jess won’t say yes, but he can’t say no! Before he humiliates himself and accepts Roni’s money, the booking of a lifetime comes in with a group who is going to stay for the entire winter season. It’s the answer he’s been looking for, but doesn’t realize the strings attached until it’s too late.

Sara’s future depends on the success of the ranch and Jess agrees to have a group of musicians stay the winter with them. Once they settle in, he realizes that he’s just made a deal with the devil that plays a guitar and wears skin tight blue jeans.

Unable to turn away from the booking, Jess accepts as his desire to know what kept Roni away for so long overrides his better sense. Since their rodeo days, he’s loved her. When she left them, it broke his heart, but not his spirit. He had to keep going for Sara’s sake. Now that Sara’s getting older, she needs a woman around to help her figure things out that he just can’t help her with. The only answer is to allow Roni in and it’s a mistake he may never recover from.

Roni only wants to see her daughter again and reconnect with her, to be a real mother for the first time in a long time and mend the fences she knows she’s broken. With her heart in her hands she asks for Sara’s forgiveness because she knows that Jess will never give it to her. When the time comes for Roni to go, Sara wants to go with her and it’s up to her to convince Jess to let her go or risk losing her forever. There’s only one answer to the problem they face and it’s up to Jess to make the decision.

Together Jess and Roni learn to let go of the past, forgive the hurt and forget the pain. They learn that there’s more than one way to get things done.

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