Jesus the Jew, Christ the King by James Mikolajczyk

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Book Description:

Jesus the Jew, Christ the King unites biblical scholarship with established theology. Oftentimes, scholars distinguish between the “historical Jesus” and the “Christ of faith,” suggesting that Christian belief has elevated Jesus of Nazareth from the common life of an itinerant Jewish rabbi to a divine figure akin to the heroes of Greco-Roman culture. James Mikołajczyk evaluates both the “historical Jesus” and the “Christ of faith” separately before uniting the concepts for academics and believers alike. The definition of Israel connects to this harmony, although many theologians apply it exclusively to the church or to the Jewish people. In keeping with Christian tradition, Mikołajczyk affirms Jesus as the only begotten Son of God and, moreover, the fulfillment of scriptural Israel.

About the Author

James Mikołajczyk (M.T.S., Southwestern College, Kansas) is an Electronic Warfare professional in the United States Army. He served in various churches and chapel services throughout his military career. Mikołajczyk currently authors two Christian theology weblogs, one that is eponymous and another called “Christian Origins, Modern Faith.” He also supports his wife, María (J.D. and M.Div., Campbell University), in church leadership and teaching. Mikołajczyk hails from Erie, Pennsylvania and currently resides at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

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