Jesus Said (A new look at the Gospels)

by Mary Saurer-Smith (Author)

Discover Jesus' unfiltered words, a revelation beyond traditional interpretations and assumptions.

Book Description:​

With a deeper look at the Gospels which report the words of Jesus, we become aware of the discrepancies between what he actually said and what the Gospel writers and New Testament writers assumed that he meant. This book is not an opinion but an examination of the differences between what is taught by traditional Christian religions and what the Master, Jesus is reported to have said. If you see it for yourself, you will be awakened to the beauty of his gospel apart from the teachings of Moses.

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Mary Saurer-Smith (Author)

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When I was not yet four years old, a brilliant Light swirled toward me as I sat in prayer and with a deep sense of loneliness. The Light became still when it reached me. An image in the Light transmitted a message to me saying that my life’s purpose was to serve as a spiritual teacher. Through writing books, through my website and through teaching and counseling many have found their Way to enlightenment and a more fulfilling life.

Jesus Said (A new look at the Gospels)

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