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Book Description:

51X3gd6jTyL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_April 4th 3387. Captain Sirk Notaani is about to embark on a mission to another planet; one which is believed to support humanoid life. Leaving his wife Cita and his friends is not going to be easy but his pride and sense of adventure mean he cannot refuse the challenge, or the chance to explore this intriguing planet. Surviving a crash-landing on arrival, the fearless Sirk has to search for a means of fixing his ship or be stranded there forever. He finds himself in battle with terrifying giant beetles, fighting off a colossal anaconda, and befriending a family of over-sized tortoiseshell cats. Captured by a race of grotesque, violent beings the likes of which he has never seen before, Sirk fears for his life. Will he ever make it back to his beloved Cita? And what is it about this planet that is arousing Sirk’s suspicions; not only about the mission he has undertaken but also the people who sent him on it? Jet! is the first book of the JET trilogy by Phil Phoenix. Set in the future and full of good humour, this fun, energetic first book tells a tale of intrigue and daring and contains a stark warning to us humans. In a twist to the usual science fiction tale of alien invaders to Earth, Jet! sees man become the alien invader, as Captain Notaani takes the bold step of visiting a planet believed to be previously untouched by humans. His exploration uncovers a number of shocks and surprises, as he seeks to find another humanoid race and make first contact with them. Jet! will appeal to all fans of sci fi, with its original plotline, attention to detail, and unique futuristic equipment which Sirk employs on his mission. His kit is detailed at the back of the book; readers can consult the kit list as they read and form a picture of the world Sirk lives in (as well as that he is visiting). Jet! includes evocative descriptions of the flora, fauna and wildlife of the planet Sirk finds himself on, appealing to those who are interested in nature and those with a vivid imagination. Phil Phoenix’s story will leave readers questioning not only the way we treat our own planet but also begs the question of how we should treat others. If a visitor from another planet came to Earth, should we assume the worst and instantly go on the defensive? Would you give them a chance to explain themselves? This is a hugely enjoyable read which will leave readers wanting to move onto the second and third books as soon as they are released.

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“Great book!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jennifer Williams

As a big fan of sci-fi, I’ve gone through a lot of sci-fi books and I can say that I really found JET! to my liking. The description of the technology was done well, the author has even included a page in the end describing everything. The plot was quite mobile, there was always something happening that kept my interest.

About the Author

A Bit About Me Born a war baby in 1942 I grew up in Bristol in the United Kingdom. Although I am now 67 years young, I still enjoy one of the trinkets of my childhood, it always was my all-time favourite, obviously – science fiction! Although remaining dormant for forty years, it was the Eagle comic I think that put me on the road to becoming a science fiction writer, but it was H.G.Wells (among many) that really fired my imagination. I have two younger brothers that I remember were constantly cajoled into being nasty aliens, so that I could eliminate them with my trusty (now rusty) ray gun! We grew up with a passion for motor bikes, my fathers fault, he also had a passion them, my poor mother, she was outnumbered four to one! Strangely I didn’t take up writing seriously until I was 52, when a nightmare of cataclysmic proportions impressed itself on my conscious mind to the point where I wrote it down on paper, that dream eventually became my first novel JET!, and the first of what has become a trilogy. Divorced eight years ago, I now have a lovely lady called Maria in Bristol, where my two beautiful daughters Emma and Hayley also live. Am I lucky? I also have four gorgeous grandchildren as well! Phil Phoenix. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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