51ETOkh7vmL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Battle-hardened jihadi fighters from Hamas formulated plans for a daring attack on a supposedly impregnable nuclear power plant in the United States. Outraged that while the US was insisting on an immediate ceasefire in Gaza,it was surreptitiously shipping tons of bombs and rockets to Israel to continue the onslaught. While it had never before operated outside of its home base, Hamas was determined to show Washington that it possessed a devastating reach. Arabella, a beautiful young blonde FBI rookie, and Aaron, a tough and very savvy Israeli Mossad operative, teamed up tp investigate and help confront the threat. They were operating from fragmentary intelligence from a Palestinian turncoat, Mossad field agents and the CIA. In carrying out their mission, the pair had first to deal with dangerous gunmen from a Mexican drug cartel, hired to smuggle the Hamas terrorists into the US. But with 100 nuclear power plants, which one would be targeted? Hamas felt it had a huge advantage with a secret collaborator on the security force of one nuclear reactor. But, again, which one?

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“Cultures, Intrigue and a Wild Ride!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Nikki Palomino

When I read William Beecher I know that he has been there among his characters as a former journalist. He knows the world. He understands culture, intrigue and gives you a wild ride through agents and in this book, what we face as Americans with the Middle East, Russia and if we should fear what we think we should. His characters show me the risks taken in the FBI and how far they will go for a cause. What an agent gives up to protect us is beyond most people’s understanding. You think there isn’t a terrorist group out there plotting to attack out nuclear plants? Was 911 a fluke? This suspense thriller takes you beyond your comfort zone and makes you really question who is in charge of the globe? History is not to be ignored. Possibilities are endless and Beecher knows how to educate us in a most thrilling way. Don’t take his work for granted!

About the Author

William Beecher is a former Pulitzer Prize winning Washington correspondent for the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. He was also a top official for the Defense Department and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from which he received prestigious medals. As a correspondent he broke numerous important stories including the secret bombing of Cambodia on page one of the NY Times. He spent 2-3 months every year for more than 25 covering stories in Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, including 5 trips to Vietnam during that war. On one such trip he was shot down in the hellicopter over the Mekong Delta. On another assignment, he was shot down in a single engine Cessna over the Sinai desert. Other fact-based thrillers include: Mayday Man, Submerged Rage, The Acorn Dossier, Nuclear Revenge, the KGB Hoax, Arabella Undercover and Double Agent Stallion. He is a Knight in the Ancient Order of the St. John of Medina, awarded for lifetime achievements. And he is an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland.

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