In 762 BC the Lord sent the prophet Jonah to the most wicked and violent city on the face of the earth. Jonah persuaded a king, moved an empire and redeemed himself. “Jonah In the Time of the Kings” takes you on a daunting and miracle-filled journey from deep within the whale’s belly, over 500 war-torn miles, and into the heart of the sinful ancient city of Nineveh. Illuminating one of the Bible’s greatest stories of transformation and based upon actual biblical and historical events, Anthony Barbera fills in the details by building a moving portrait of Jonah, a prophet who lived in a time shockingly similar to our own. Amidst battling kings, the politics of fearsome nations and a family left behind, the story reveals the very heart of God and His love for all mankind. Meet the King and Queen of Nineveh. Experience Jonah’s fears brought on by the threatened attacks of the Ninevite war machine against his homeland of Israel. Savor the story of Jonah the man, his family, his passions and his relationship with his Lord Almighty. Appreciate why Jonah was a lot more like you and me than you ever imagined!

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