Joseph’s Surprise Gifts (Book 2) by J. Hale Turner

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Book Description:

The Land Family and friends are all excited about the upcoming surprise party for Grams and Big Papa’s 50th wedding anniversary.
Everyone seems to have gotten a present except Joseph. The party is only a few days away, and he still has no idea what to give his grandparents.
Join Joseph on his frantic search to find a special gift for Grams and Big Papa.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Maxine Billings

Little Joseph has a dilemma! His grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary is just around the corner, and he has no idea what to get them. As everyone starts preparing for the special occasion, Joseph and his dad take a trip to Gram’s and Big Papa’s in an effort for Joseph to get some ideas about what he can give them.

As with all of her books, Ms. Turner vividly paints the story with well-crafted flecks of humor and inspiration. Not only do her characters seem to be right in front of you as they live out their lives, but you feel so much a part of their story. You smell and taste the delicious food they prepare, and you laugh along with them. You can’t help but fall in love with little Joseph and his close-knit family.

The big day finally arrives. When Joseph sees all the expensive, store-bought gifts everyone else gives his grandparents, he suddenly becomes embarrassed about his gifts and does not want them to open them. His excitement turns to anxiety. This story will teach young ones (and old), as Big Papa says, “Gifts of the heart are always golden.”

About the Author

Since childhood, reading has played a very important part in her family. “We learned to read at a very early age. In addition to reading, we enjoyed the stories shared by our parents. I recall that my favorite assignments in school were writing poetry, short stories and compositions. At home we were encouraged to write letters to family and friends and eventually I began writing personal journals. Little did I know they all would play an important part in my life years later.” Today, J. Hale Turner continues to write stories for her readers of all ages.

As an advocate for literacy her motto is, “Reading together brings family together.”

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