Journey to Loving Me: Lessons Learned along The Way by Monica L. Garrison

51IY4FXV3nL._UX250_Journey to Loving Me is a heartfelt memoir that inspires you to believe in your inner voice.

We often have a difficult time letting go of past experiences. Fear of change keeps us in limbo, making it hard to let go and move on. It can feel like we are pushing a heavy load up a hill, filled with trouble, disappointment, self-hatred and uncertainty.

In this book, Monica shares how she overcame depression, abuse, and lack of self-love. Walk with her through the seasons of self-discovery as she learns the true value of loving herself.

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About the Author

My philosophy on life is to believe in yourself when no one else does. The Journey to your success lies within you. In order to have a fulfilling life,  you  must first believe in yourself and recognize what you deserve.
Like many people, I went through a period in my life searching for my purpose. This was the beginning of the Journey and it caused me to take a closer look at my life.  During the transition, I began to conquer fears and admit I did not know how to love myself. It’s incredible how we say it to other people but are unaware of how to love and care for ourselves.  I did not know my worth and had low self-esteem.
It was through the adversities and experiences I discovered my strength and the new me emerged. The voice that laid dormant for years had finally appeared. I was free to be me and love the beautiful spirit within.  The lessons I learned while on my Journey have shaped me into the person I am today and I chose happiness. I live from a place of love and truth because anything that no longer serves me, has no place in my life. I took a risk on myself and made the decision to love me.  
Determination and the will to succeed kept me on the path to becoming a better person. My passion for life led me to writing my first book entitled Journey to Loving Me: Lessons learned along the way. Coming soon!
I invite you to invest in yourself, but there is a price to pay for change. People will not understand why you want to change, but it should not deter you. As you grow, only you know what is right and true for you. In order to change you must let go of the following: limiting beliefs, self-hatred, low self-esteem, and a lack of confidence.  After doing so you will set yourself free. The time has come for you to be the star in your life!

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