Journey of a JuBu

"Journey of a JuBu" is best summed up as "Seinfeld meets The Celestine Prophecy."
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Book Description:

Dr. Jacob Silverstein, orthodontist by day, author by night, sends his protagonist, Adam Freeman, on a quest for spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Following the maxim, “write what you know,” Jacob has taken parts of his life and exaggerated them into “The Adventures of Adam Freeman, DDS”: a story of the struggle to achieve spirituality and mindfulness in today’s pop-culture-obsessed society. Part pilgrimage, part romp, a blend of spiritual humor and meta-fiction, “Journey of a JuBu” is best summed up as “Seinfeld meets The Celestine Prophecy.”

This is not your typical book about religious awakening. Dr. Langberg shares his experiences with Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity as well as meditation and hypnotherapy, but he lightens the enlightenment with generous doses of humor and pop-culture references. The characters in the novel, and in the novel within the novel, are believable because they are not perfect. Their flaws and shortcomings make them human, and their desire to learn and grow make them sympathetic. Journey of a JuBu can be enjoyed as a witty, Seinfeld-esque romp through pop-culture and spirituality, but the underlying message that God is present in all of us is as timely today as ever. Perhaps if we all, like Adam, Jacob, and Blaine, looked inward a bit more, embraced our similarities as well as acknowledged our differences, we’d all find a bit more inner peace and love.

-- Julia Bruce

Blaine Langberg (Author)

Orthodontist by day, author and stand-up comedian by night, Blaine Langberg announces the release of his new novel, Journey of a JuBu. Blaine describes his book as part pilgrimage, part romp, a blend of spiritual humor and meta-fiction…it’s Seinfeld meets The Celestine Prophecy. A Harvard-trained orthodontist, Blaine and his wife live in Connecticut, where they’re raising three daughters.

"Journey of a JuBu" is best summed up as "Seinfeld meets The Celestine Prophecy."

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