51mqqdiNOyL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A Wine Country Short from award winning author Stephanie Burkhart ~

James returns to his home in California after World War II only to find out he’s lost his farm. His way of life gone, James becomes a journeyman, selling Bibles, looking for a sense of purpose.

Rachel Santori’s winery is in trouble. She’s looking for someone to trust. When Rachel meets James, she can’t deny how he penetrates her soul with his long, lonely looks.

Can James find a sense of belonging at Rachel’s winery? Can love mend both their weary hearts?

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Sweet and heartwarming romance”

Five Star Review on Amazon By AngelE

I’m slowly becoming a fan of sweet romances, which is something I never thought I would ever be. I really liked this story because it didn’t feel rushed and while the hero and heroine had strong, intense feelings for each other, they respected each other’s boundaries and didn’t immediately hop into bed or run off somewhere.

The story was compelling and not boring, which is often a stereotype of sweet romances. I would recommend this short sweetie of a story. Good job, author.

About the Author

Stephanie Burkhart was born in Manchester, New Hampshire. She received a B.S. in Political Science from California Baptist University in 1995. She served in U.S. Army from 1986-1997, spending seven years in Germany. Her interests include exploring European history and watching Dancing with the Stars. Stephanie lives in California and works for LAPD’s Communications Division as a 911 Dispatcher. She’s married with two young sons.

She’s currently a member of the Romance Writers of America and EPIC. (Electronicaly Published Internet Content)

The author of a children’s book, “The Giving Meadow.” Her books with Desert Breeze Publishing include, “The Hungarian” and “Matchmaking A-muse-ment” in the Be Mused Anthology.

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