Five young friends find a way to travel to the other Galaxy. The friends Soid, Jelena, I.Q., Jonah, and Dulmer, they all have an ordinary life, going to school, be with the family and friends, and someday Soid get a message from his acquaintances – and something happen. read this book and found out what happen and who is Soid´s acquaintances.
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Hi! My name is Steve Kristensen and I´m the author of Journey to the Andromeda galaxy, i´m 24 years old and I´m from Tasiilaq, Greenland. And I am a Indie filmmaker too, my first movie is Clone Invasion – a short film and without a budget. I´m currently just started in school, and I will working on making more books and more movies. But these two is not just interesting me, I´m interesting in architecture too.

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