Journey to the Center of the Heart by John Miller

51S26EDkpQL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_John Miller is currently the pastor at Wahiawa Community Church of the Nazarene in Hawaii, and the producer of NazKine TV, an exciting new brand in Christian media. But his road to this island paradise was far from smooth–it was a journey from hell, and it was a long stretch of living in addiction and destructive choices before he learned that God is in the business of giving people second chances.

Journey to the Center of the Heart will challenge readers to forge a deeper connection with God, but John’s story will also give hope and encouragement to those who can’t see the way through to “Camp Restoration” and the victory beyond.

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“I highly recommend this book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By John M. Hanna

Often in life we are so shaken and rattled that we get jolted off the center of the path that God has for us. If you’re looking for a story that will help bring you back to the center of the path you want to be walking, I highly recommend this book. John Miller is the real deal, and he writes with passion, clarity, and from a first hand experience of how God can bring about salvation, healing, miracles, and redemption in even the most dire of circumstances. From the opening pages until the end, you will be inspired and touched by his story. Read this book if you are willing to go on an adventure that will help you realize the great heart of love and purpose that God has for you!

About the Author

John Miller is currently the pastor of the Wahiawa Community Church of the Nazarene in Hawaii, and co-producer of NazkineTV, an exciting new brand in Christian media. His book is about his Journey from Hell to Paradise. He has been in Christian ministry for 18 years. He has some supernatural stories of the miracles of God in his life.

He grew up in a family mixed with alcohol abuse and mental illness a deadly cocktail for a child to be stirred up in. His parents divorced when he was 4 years old. John made two vows as a child, he said, “I will never drink alcohol” and “I will never get divorced.”
But John broke both of his childhood vows in a big way before coming out of “Tomb of the Sleeper.”

After two divorces and two DUI’s John allowed God to rescue him from the hell he had been living in, and lead him on his journey to paradise. Now John shares not only his heartbreaking honest personal journey, but also gives readers a field guide to discovering the God-given desires of their hearts.

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