Journey to the Core of the Masculine is a series of discussions on masculinity, sex, addiction and relationships. This is a guide to living a life of power, purpose and passion and how to integrate your life and your relationships. It challenges the status quo on relationships and masculinity to help the reader experience a transformation in their relationship. It is designed to help the reader gain control over their life, stand with confidence, walk tall, be powerful with compassion, and speak their truth. Conversations about Men and Masculinity is a record of a series of conversations between Graham Reid Phoenix, Christopher Howard and Cheta Urmila Phoenix on masculinity, sex, addiction and relationships exploring what it means to be a man.
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Outstanding, insightful and thought-provoking”

Five Star Review on Amazon By David G. Rosenbaum

Exceptional book! I couldn’t put it down. The juxtaposition of conversation with the 40 day challenge and exercise offered not only motivation but momentum to moving swiftly into the daily challenges. My progress in my relationship was immediate and has inspired me to continue growing as I move forward each day. A heartfelt THANK YOU Graham!

About the Author

Graham Reid Phoenix is also known as Sat Purusha.  He writes about men and masculinity, about how to connect the dots in lives of men and how they can experience their inner power and be in control of their life. He writes on his eponymous blog and for The Good Men Project. His view of masculinity seeks to encourage men to drop the mask and create change in their life.

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