Valkrye, sworn by her duties to her village to return a sacred icon must hunt down a pack of raiding thieves as they make their way through town after town, stealing and killing at will until at last they return to their lair. Thor a mercenary who rarely did anything without payment or profit, swore to avenge the attack on his niece and hunt down and destroy those who harmed her. This unlikely pair would meet by chance as their different quests lead them towards the same goal, can they trust each other enough to join forces to help each other, or will their different goals and personalities break this new and interesting team”
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“A wonderful read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Ruth M Somma

The type of book you just don’t want to put down until it’s finished. Good character development and a very interesting story line.

About the Author

After a lifetime of enjoyment and inspiration from writing short stories and poetry, I decided to bring some of my fictional characters to life by documenting the adventures of some of my favorites. When I started writing my first book, i already had the outline of the first three I would be doing, with some reoccurring characters and new ones added in as they traveled the countryside. As a working mother of three children I wrote in my books in whatever spare time I could find, up to and including, while my son was a baby sitting on my lap and watching Barney, to waiting for the bus when I was going to work. My books are another love to me and I hope to share them with the world and bring a little break from reality to those who will read them.

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