Juan and Gwen see the disrepair their school has fallen into and embark on a fundraising campaign to fix it up. After asking for community support, Juan and Gwen’s efforts result in a big surprise. A tale of enterprising young student’s, eager to help their school improve.
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“Fundraising for Children (and Adults)”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Byron Earhart

Juan and Gwen’s Big Fundraising Surprise is an interesting and colorful presentation of how children can join adults in the ever expanding programs to raise money for the support of education. Juan and Gwen, the two main characters in the tale, are concerned about the poor condition of their school, and decide to do something about it. Consulting with teachers and administrators, they obtain permission to hold a yard sale to gather funds for repair of the school. Next, they recruit classmates to gather donations for the sale and help run it. This grassroots campaign turns out to be surprisingly successful, yielding funds sufficient to cover all repairs.
Written in a lively style, the book can be read by or to children. The illustrations, from the attention-grabbing cover to the part- and full-page images throughout the work, are skillfully wedded to the text.
A valuable tool for students, parents, and administrators.

H. Byron Earhart
Author of No Pizza in Heaven, in the Twin Destiny Trilogy

About the Author

Stan Levenson has been involved in K-12 fundraising for more than forty years. One of the foremost K-12 fundraising writers in America, he is known throughout the world as an author of books and articles on fundraising, as a fundraising guru, as a teacher, and as a storyteller extraordinaire. He has been interviewed on radio and television, online, and in the press, and has been quoted in newspapers and magazines across the nation. Levenson has recently written his first children’s book, JUAN AND GWEN’S BIG FUNDRAISING SURPRISE. It shares the gift of giving with children of all ages and cultures and emphasizes how important children, parents, teachers, principals, and alumni are in raising monies for the schools. Levenson has also written THE ESSENTIAL FUNDRAISING GUIDE FOR K-12 SCHOOLS (A 1-Hour Book With More Than 350 Links) that is selling throughout the English speaking world. His book, BIG-TIME FUNDRAISING FOR TODAY’S SCHOOLS (Corwin Press), is being used in school districts around the globe. Another book, HOW TO GET GRANTS AND GIFT FOR THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS (Allyn & Bacon, 2002), has been used extensively in school districts, colleges, and universities to train teachers and administrators. Levenson also has written WHEN BROOKLYN WAS HEAVEN: A Memoir From Brooklyn to L.A. and Places In-Between. It is being considered for a movie or TV series at this time. His fundraising articles have appeared in The American School Board Journal, Principal Leadership, The School Administrator, Campus Technology, and other publications. He has been quoted on the front page of USA Today, as well as in Scholastic Administrator, Family Circle Magazine, Interactive Educator, the Gotham Gazette, and others. His style of writing is clear, concise, and entertaining. He holds a B.S. degree from the State University of New York at Oswego; an M.A. degree from U.C.L.A.; and a Ph.D. degree from United States International University (now Alliant International University) in San Diego. Levenson loves to read, write, play tennis, shoot hoops, and travel. He resides in San Diego, California with his wife, Kay Pantelis. You can contact him through his website: www.stanlevenson.com or follow him on Twitter @StanLevenson

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