On the first day of spring break, Julianna Stone receives a call from home. Her little sister Lorelei needs her–now! For years, the Wolfen curse remained dormant within Lorelei, but that’s about to change. Julianna knows what needs to be done to keep her sister safe, but the wolf pack also knows, and they are waiting. They have plans for the sisters!

Two potential suitors follow Julianna home to the West Virginia hills! Their competition for her attention exposes the lies they’ve told and lead her to question their loyalty… and even their sanity! She’s convinced that one of them–or both–is Wolfen! As the wolf pack closes in, she must choose between them. The final battle commences during the super-moon, and the sisters find themselves in a fight for their survival, and their eternal souls.
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“An Unusual Twist On Shapeshifter Romance”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Cassondra Windwalker

Julianna’s Choice is a unique take on the paranormal romance genre. Julianna wants her man, but she doesn’t need him – he truly is a choice she will or will not make, rather than the typical irresistible destiny. The plot is driven more by the relationship between Julianna and her sister Lorelei than by the romantic possibilities with the two male counterparts, and the shapeshifters in this tale are hardly romanticized. Two strong and distinctly individual female characters, with healthy, unapologetic sexual appetites, dominate this story that will intrigue and delight.

About the Author

Davina calls the fields and rivers of Southern Maryland home, and studied at UMUC while serving overseas with the US Army. When not writing, the author enjoys hiking, gardening and kayaking down the South Branch of the Potomac River in West Virginia. Davina is the pseudonym used by author D. Thompson for paranormal romance novels and short stories.

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