As each new crime-solving challenge presents itself, a scenario from the team’s days in war-time Vietnam is revisited, relived and described in detail. As each war-time adventure progresses, it becomes more clear as to why the stateside crime reminds members of KC’s team of the similarities between their past and present situations.

Their creativity in combat environments, discipline in adherence to professional standards and practices and determination to accomplish the mission at hand goes a long way toward answering the question of why these jungle warriors became crime fighters.
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“It is a learning experience about the Vietnam war.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Sharon Scott

I was pleasantly surprised when I read this book, and found the author to be knowledgable and informative in his story. It gave insight into the Vietnam era and the adventures of KC and the other characters in this novel involved the reader from the very beginning, demanding you go on to the next chapter in anticipation of what was going to happen next. It is a fast read, although the story itself is complex and suspenseful…just enough excitement and intrigue to keep the reader held spellbound! I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to be enlightened by something a bit out of the ordinary as, although fiction, Jungle Warriors, Crime Fighters shares a lot of truths about that particular time in our history! KG

About the Author

Doug Houser received his commission as a Marine Second Lieutenant in 1966 and was deployed to Vietnam in January 1967. He served as an infantry officer for thirteen months with all of that time spent in the DMZ area in places like the Rock Pile, Ca Lu, Khe Sanh, the Hai Lang Forrest and The Artillery Plateau. Doug was discharged in 1969 with the rank of Captain.

Doug Houser currently writes from his Kansas home in suburban Kansas City where he lives with his forever-young-at-heart Beagle/Chihuahua mix, the precocious and crazy little girl-dog, Sammy.

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