Just My Thoughts by Siekiem-Kontom

With a passion for setting the record straight, Siekiem-Kontom gives you a view of our society and it’s sub-culture in a way that only he can. After 11 years of community service, mentoring, and public speaking, he has compiled the grit, pain and truth within our world. Here he shares only a glimpse in Just My Thoughts. A gripping mix of empowerment, awareness, and self-improvement, this book paints a mental template for future generations to follow and navigate through the madness of society. Siekiem-Kontom is a Brooklyn, NY native and advocate. Born and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant and a 19 year veteran with the NYC Dept. of Correction, he illustrates a candid perspective of the dual reality he faces daily by being a citizen and an Officer. The founder of MSKM PRESENTS (a community foundation) is best known for his many initiatives including GIVING BACK TO HELP OTHERS GET AHEAD and FINDING YOUR FUTURE SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Just My Thoughts will be available at Tengpublishing.com, Amazon, and Create Space. Follow him on Instagram @siekiem_kontom Facebook @Siekiem Kontom
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“A MUST read for the UNINFORMED!!!!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Lawrence Hall

A detailed manual that details the thoughts of the author thru his eyes and personal experiences living in NYC.

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Author: Just My Thoughts Founder: MSKM PRESENTS Member: Table Of Kingz

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