Just Wrong: A Novel About Hollywood by Rob Foster

The book that makes people think, “I can’t believe I’m reading this – but I can’t stop!” Ethan West just wants what everybody wants who struggles to succeed in Hollywood: a breakthrough, a hit – even a small one – that might change the trajectory of his years of frustration and heartbreak in the entertainment rat-race. To be in the loop! Like most, one too many bad breaks has him on the verge of throwing in the towel for good. A chance encounter with a cult showbiz icon, however, turns his world upside-down. Suddenly Ethan and his tiny, loyal cadre of fellow hopefuls are shanghaied as crew on a movie-making “project” they’ll never forget – if they can survive it! Trapped in a jungle nightmare; armed only with video cameras and their theater brat wits. At the mercy of a fading, deranged, megalomaniac Hollywood director without a script or a grip on reality. In the path of lethal animals, rogue mercenaries and rampaging cannibals, and ordered to get it all in high-def! As the production drifts further into surreal chaos, bloodlust and contrived ‘reality,’ Ethan must choose either to follow an insane celebrity to certain doom, or possibly sacrifice his own friends to make it back to civilization – with or without a finished product in the can! Of course, it’s a comedy! Rob Foster’s insanely funny novel ‘JUST WRONG’ will have you cringing on the floor with laughter, at a bizarre breed who will throw away friendships, morals, sense and dignity for an allusive, fleeting prize called fame.
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“The title kind of gives away a lot.”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Mark J. Chappell

I read “Just Wrong” On the recommendation of a friend who is also a hollywood insider. Right from the start the central character is a sympathetic person who wants to do the right thing but circumstances won’t let him. He’s had a spell of bad luck. He’s broke and needs money to support not only himself but also his friends who have thrown in with him and of course, his pregnant girlfriend.

Ethan seizes an oportunity when down to his last cigarette and is taken under the wing of his hero, his mentor!, but actually he just gets taken on a hell ride so terrible with everyone of his friends in the most horrible jeopardy. Ethan wants to do the right thing but there is no right thing because EVERYTHING is JUST WRONG! I loved it. It was insane. Think Fight Club and make more visceral. Then prepare yourself to be shocked and horrified while occasionally just laughing your ass off. 5 stars. NOT FOR THE WEAK.

About the Author

Rob Foster is an award winning filmmaker, author, playwright and actor, and grand prize winner of the 2006 ‘Aristocrats’ joke contest. He is also a classic comedy aficionado and essayist of the comedians of the silent era. ‘Just Wrong’ is his first full-length novel. His other books on comedy, and published plays, are available on his Amazon author page.

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