2022 Eric Hoffer awards winner and International Best seller. Read the complete series, you’ll enjoy all four of them.

2022 Eric Hoffer awards winner.
The McCoys are panicked about the Pinkertons heading back to their ranch. They were sure this time they wouldn’t leave anything unturned trying to find the gold. Tommy’s plan did not give them the confidence to stick around and see if it worked. Most of them decided to take their share of the spoils and head for places where gold had been discovered. Three groups of McCoys left the ranch in haste. The Pinkerton’s are hurrying to get back to the point of origin of the missing gold as quickly as possible. Tommy’s plan sidetracks them just enough to let the groups get some distance between them and the agents because they started following the proliferated coins showing up across Missouri. Unknown to the McCoys, these same investigations into spent coins will bring the Pinkertons right back to their doorstep. Danger lurks at every turn for the McCoys trying to get to the gold fields. Thieving, murderous guides, Indian attacks and the Pinkertons growing advances combine to make life hard for them. Until General Ewing opens up the possibility to get the Pinkerton investigation off of them forever. Odds are against them making an escape and being able to live the life they are hoping to have. It’s not the first time, and probably not the last. Only through sheer determination, belief in themselves and justice, can they keep moving forward. Along the way what they find-love, despair, unity and loss-changes the course of their lives and teaches them how life is so much more than having gold. This newest saga of the destined to be classic series of wholesome historical fiction in a western setting: The McCoys Before The Feud Series, Vol. 4, with an even balance of action, adventure, and romance, JUSTICE doesn’t miss a beat and will keep you turning page after page.