51eay2uu83L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Kate Smith, a woman with the world at her Jimmy Choo clad feet. Just one more job and she can buy out her business partner to finally be her own boss.

That job? The Horticulture Investigation Agency, a government quango sheltering in a Cambridgeshire backwater. MP Desmond Barrington believes closing this will make his career.

But the scientists don’t want to play ball, starting with a militant researcher dressed as a cabbage taking his protest to the roof. Clambering up to save him ruins her perfectly picked outfit.

As he plummets on to the arriving MP’s car, Kate thinks that things can’t get any worse. Then a familiar face comes in to view – Dave Thomas, the man she fell in love with at University and now Barrington’s aide. The one who broke her heart.

When potato blight claims yet another outfit and a rampaging hoard of protestors take over the site, she wonders if she will ever get to her goal, and can love be part of the master plan?

This romantic comedy novel with a strong female lead that will keep you on your toes and make you laugh out loud.

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About the Author

Candice Nolan will only say that she is slightly younger than her sister.

Since studying psychology at university she has spent her life promoting everything from Egyptian history to high fashion. For a while this involved having Noddy Holder on speed-dial but now she prefers not to share the limelight and can be seen in the background of many films and television programmes.

Her passion for shopping and taking holidays means that work often gets in the way of these most important hobbies.

Phil Parker is only a little bit older than the ramshackle collection of cars he somehow considers sensible transport.

Having started out working for a vegetable research company that bears absolutely no resemblance to HIA in the book, his career involved looking after the wordy parts of various large organisations web sites before he accidentally found himself writing and editing hobby magazines.

When not driving a keyboard he can be found building models of things and writing them up on his blog philsworkbench.co.uk , juggling or overestimating his abilities on the uni-cycle.

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