Keeping God’s Secret

by – Andrew Man (Author)

(Tego Arcana Dei Series Book 1)

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Book Description:

Step into the whirlwind life of James Pollock, a charismatic young professional navigating his way from the vibrant energy of the Swinging Sixties to the dawn of the Millennium.

James explores the mysteries shrouded within an ancient monument and the elusive world of finance. Endowed with a compelling charm that captivates women from every corner of the globe, he deftly wields this magnetism, using it as a powerful tool in his adventure.

Amidst heart-pounding romance, startling revelations, and inspiring global restoration, James’ life takes a dramatic turn.

His world spirals into a vortex when he uncovers his extraordinary ability to astral travel. His journey, bridging the gap between time and space, soon becomes the very essence of his existence.

Spanning five decades and five continents, this enthralling narrative intertwines modern world crises and political unrest with James’ time-defying exploits. His journey takes him through an intricate network of wormholes that serve as portals connecting historical hotspots, from Rome to Sofia, the Hagia Sophia in Turkey, the Temple in Jerusalem, all the way to the ancient city of Ur, or Babylon.

Andrew Man crafts an absorbing tale, blending elements such as particle accelerators, Earth’s enigmatic rotational axis, the clandestine world of Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, and the Vatican.

About the Author: Andrew Man

Independent author, Andrew Man, writes from a house close to Lac Leman, using the inspiration from his travels to craft his steries.

His writing developed after he retired through visits to the CERN centre in Switzerland, which also forms a basis for some of his stories. To write his books, he has moved through places where he worked in the past, from London, Lebanon, to Geneva and the Caribbean. Towards the end of 2016 he visited India again, that helped him to write Book 4 “After the Flood” and finally Book 5 – “Eve Not Adam* that was expected to be the final book of the series.

However, not satified with his last book, he has now published a POSTLUDE to try and explain the whole series.

In this his most speculative story yet, Andrew Man has written a story of our planet in the distant future. Compelling and without any apology, the book probes the nature of not only time, but reality itself.

He still lives in western Switzerland with his wife and a son.

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