41+IOthTVuL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Catherine de Morville had a secret.
“Its not possible!” he kept repeating “Its not possible!” Catherine wasn’t listening, the white light was overwhelming her senses, drowning out her world. Altering the whole world. “It’s here!” Sebastian shouted above the noise of the white light, his right hand in the shallow grave. “It’s here!”
He was happily sliding into retirement when he met Catherine. He shared her secret, put his life at risk to save her life.
When a rich banker finds the secret, Sebastian is forced to confront the past, with a woman he has just met. Will they discover the truth.
Soon both of their lives are in danger.
From the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus visited Simon and Andrew, to Northern France, The Indian Ocean, the West Coast of Scotland.
Catherine de Morville has a secret, handed down through the centuries, a secret that has caused a living Pope to renounce the Papacy.
A secret so secret the Roman Catholic Church will murder rather than let it be told.
She needs protected.
Sebastian Conner, an ex special forces operative, by chance he finds Catherine, by chance he finds six numbers, his life changes, the world changes, because of the secret. Because of the keys.

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About the Author

Chris Carlton, born in Johnstone, Scotland in 1960. His first novel “The Keys of Heaven” due for release on 16 July 2015, will evoke horror within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church at the profound possibility that Chris is touching on a truth.
The inspiration for “The Keys of Heaven” being from his late father, and the possibility that there is hidden, on the west coast of Scotland, a secret so secret, that a Pope had to renounce the Papacy.
“The Keys of Heaven” will, without a doubt, be a sensation.

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