1893617Abandoned and left at a local shelter, a Maine Coon kitten awaits an
uncertain fate. During his stay, Khan befriends a wise old tomcat, who
speaks about his experiences of life on the streets, bringing comfort to
the frightened kitten. Four days later, to Khan’s horror, the shelter
workers take his friend away to the Big Sleep, as the tomcat called it,
leaving Khan scared and alone. Just before Khan’s time is up, a man
enters the shelter and adopts Khan, bringing him to a new home. Though
he feels loved, he is also alone, and misses his mother, his litter
mates, and his tomcat friend. He senses great sadness from his new human
momma, understands nothing of it, and thinks it is his fault.

Weeks later, when another young kitten joins the household, Khan
befriends him, and they form a tight bond. With the steadfast support of
his younger playmate, Khan deals with life’s challenges and surprises,
always finding strength in feline friendships, old and new, and in love
from his humans — until a monster from within suddenly strikes him down
in the prime of life.

Down, but not out, Khan struggles against his internal foe, wanting only
to stay beside the humans and cats he adores. He endures endless visits
to the animal doctor, illness, and pain — winning some battles — but
Khan knows his enemy is winning the war. His inner strength and desire
to never leave the ones he loves gives him the courage to fight,
astonishing friend and foe alike.

In his darkest hour, he manages to stay with his loved ones, in a way he
never expects. Even then, his fight is not over, for he has defied the
laws of nature. As life-forces struggle to balance what he has upset, he
briefly loses contact with his loved ones, but returns, triumphant, and
attacks life with gusto, young and strong again, yet not the same cat
everyone knew and loved.

Learn in these pages why everyone who knew Khan loved him so very much!

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” Gives you the chills.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By SapphireTigress

I had the opportunity to critique this author’s story during its editing phase, and I am absolutely thrilled to see the final project. This is a great book, and the art (a combination of photo, original, and mixed media) is poignant and provides great visual support.

When I thought about trying to compel other readers to purchase this book, I decided that if you enjoyed Watership Down, this is your kind of book. This tale is told completely from a pet’s perspective, and I really hope that our pets see us that way. Animal lovers will understand the ups and downs of a woman and her husband who love their cats, and the book builds framework for helping pet lovers get a glimpse of what goes into good pet ownership. As you read this, you think, “Wow. That’s a great idea,” or “I don’t know how she does it with that many animals,” and “Man, she has each cat’s personalities nailed down.” Then, not to reveal too much, the chills this book gives you are delightful and fill you with hope.

I can see this in hard copy sitting in a veterinarian’s office or on a coffee table with a cat lying next to it. Little kids will love the pictures AND the story, the tweens and teens will completely get it, and adults will have the opportunity to explain a lot of their life’s views and the responsibility and rewards of pet ownership to friends and family.

I did get a bit choked up when I read the dedications. I remember doing critiques in an AOL private chat room while she had to “BRB” for a cat, and I really hate it that those acquaintances from my past have moved on, but I know their owner and that they had the best life a cat could possibly have.

About the Author

Marie J. Spinella-Phillips
Born in 1957, in Huntington, on Long Island, I’ve been driven by an insatiable love of writing, art, and the sciences since very early childhood. My love of animal tales fueled my desire to write, always manifesting in stories from the non-human point of view. I invented my very first character at six years old, creating picture books with a tree as the main protagonist. I included, on the inside covers, my very own publishing logo, complete with rainbow and shining sun!
Back in my senior year of High School, one of my teachers, Mr. O’Connor, lent me a copy of The Fellowship of the Ring, which changed my reading and writing life forever, driving me into the unique and futuristic world of Fantasy/Science Fiction.
In college, I majored in Art and Earth Sciences, where inspiration fired my vivid and eccentric imagination, planting the seeds for my Furlites of Aroriel novels, Over the years, I honed the complex world of this alien family saga. My husband’s love and support over the decades proved invaluable, since his scientific knowledge and expertise quickly surpassed my own, once we graduated high school, went off to college, and entered the working world. With his help, and that of my mentor, David Ayscue, who passed away in 2010, I completed the first two of these books, On Matissia Wings, and, Earth-bred Matissia-born,which are now available. Other tales are in the works, including the third book in this series called EYES IN THE DARK, CURSE OF KORIS, and FURLITIAN TALES, a book of shorter tales featuring other characters in the prior books.
I dabbled with another tale many years ago, using my Khan as a character, when my big Maine Coon became seriously ill. While battling Khan’s insidious disease, I completed the story, which took on deeper impact far beyond my intended feline fantasy yarn. KHAN: A Maine Coon is the result, a biography of his life, with fictional elements, written from his point of view. My special furbaby’s bit of immortality has collected mostly 5 star reviews in this short time.
THE WHITE DRAGONS OF SUVWILUR and OTHER STORIES, is a collection of fantasy /science fiction tales from the point of view of many characters, from an Appaloosa Pegasus, a white furry Dragon, and others, including a Collie /Human hybrid created by genetic manipulation by aggressive aliens.
In OLD GENT, I return to those very roots of my writing career, penning the true tale of our beloved ancient Norway Spruce tree and his sapling son, done from the trees’ point of view, reminiscent in style to my KHAN: A MAINE COON, and, an older tale I read as a child called BIG TREE. OLD GENT is now available!.
One of my favorite hobbies has been collecting, showing and customizing model horses. This hobby spawned a set of stories I call THE SECRET LIFE OF MODEL HORSES and soon, Volume One will be read to publish!
CURSE OF KORIS, a Furlites of Aroriel novel, is also available!
I have begun work on MAINE COON KAI, the story of my gigantic beautiful red tabby Maine Coon’s life, in much the same style as KHAN: A Maine Coon. Both books immortalize two wonderful Maine Coon cats that graced my life, who left behind treasured memories, and love that never fades.
Owned by two cats, one of which is a Maine Coon cat, I live with my husband in the rolling hills of northwestern Connecticut.

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