Kicking Cancer to the Curb!

She has been in stage 4 since 2010 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer that had metastasized to bone.
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For anyone facing cancer and looking for a way through, this book shares the wisdom and insights of a skilled and compassionate nurse (retired) who happens to be a metavivor. Using storytelling, art and poetry Ms Miele reflects on her life's journey before, during and after her diagnosis with Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. It is an inspiring read and a useful guide for those navigating the turbulent seas of cancer treatment. Note the Wonder Woman-inspired boot on the apt metaphor for the strength and courage of the author!

-- Karen M Fairweather
Book Description:

Kicking Cancer to the Curb by Carol A Miele is a story of determination, indignation, humor, resilience, and an overwhelming desire to live a full and meaningful life despite having a terminal illness. She has been in stage 4 since 2010 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer that had metastasized to bone.

Sidestepping her current illness to share poignant stories from her youth, she conveys a positive energy force that propels her forward through her terminal diagnosis. This book will help the reader to develop a more critical view of the negative forces around them while increasing their appreciation of the positive ones that influence their lives directly, whether that impact is in a spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical sphere.

Carol A Miele (Author)
Carol A Miele is living with stage 4 breast cancer since 2010 and has learned much about this illness along the way. Developing a strong advocacy approach to her own illness and that of others sustains her energy and drive. She was born in Old Forge, a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Earning her nursing diploma at Community Medical Center School of Nursing, she later attended Wilkes University to obtain a BS degree in nursing education. In 2000, she received a master of public health degree at East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania. Retiring in 2010 after a forty-five-year nursing career, she was diagnosed with breast cancer that had been missed on all her mammograms and in a breast biopsy. Growing for a number of years, it spread to the opposite breast and then metastasized to bone. In 2011, after several months of chemotherapy, she went into remission. She and her husband, Gene, moved from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania to Ocala, Florida, in 2013 to enjoy the warm and sunny climate in their retirement. She has two daughters, Marisa and Kristen, and four grandchildren: Joey, Emmy, Alex, and Amelia. Carol A Miele is the author of Metastatic Madness. She enjoys the creative arts, writing, and painting, with her ever-present dog, Flora, at her side.
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