Kill Shot

Kill Shot is full of actions and suspense that will keep you glued to the pages wanting to know where our characters are going to take us next and who is trying to kill Ashe.
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Two people with secret pasts come together over a spilt coffee. Little did they realize how hot and steamy their relationship would become. Nor how close they'd come to being burned. This story has passion, suspense, deceit, action, and adventure that takes you on a crazy journey. You'll be introduced to characters who are sweet, snarky, smart, and sexy who are willing to lay their lives on the line to protect those closest to them. Get ready to get glammed up for the gala, dressed down for the beach, and completely undressed in places you wouldn't expect. Amber Malloy is a new to me author so I didn't know what to expect going in, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Her writing style flows smoothly allowing the reader to become submersed in the story instead of feeling like an outsider looking in. I will definitely be looking for more stories by her and would suggest you check her out as well.

-- Monsterella Reviews
Book Description:


Book two in the Spies R Us series

The only thing standing in the way of one perfect life is her torturous past.

Invited to speak for the United Nations, International Attorney Ashe Marcille is on the fast track. However, everything changes when she finds her law partner dead. Left with no option but to abandon her hard-earned career, she goes on the run.

Walker Knight, owner of a high-tech security firm, left the spy games years ago. A former agent for J8, he had no intention of returning to that life until the agency calls in one last favor. It should have been an easy job—pick up then drop off a lawyer with no questions asked. But, best laid plans…

Attracted to the attorney from the minute he laid eyes on her, Walker sets out to solve her case. Until he can figure out who wants her dead, he’ll have to keep her close…very close.

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Amber Malloy (Author)
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