51wLFIBbvPL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Mike Johnson, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, has returned home to Los Angeles. Suffering from a severe case of PTSD he is unable to find work in law enforcement so he has to settle for a job with a security agency that protects the rich and famous. He feigns an interest in developing contacts in the movie industry and becoming an actor to deflect questions regarding his psychological state.

Unfortunately for Mike, just as he begins his duties as guardian of the stars a mysterious cannibalistic cult of celebrity stalkers embarks on a campaign of terror against them. Our protagonist finds himself powerless to protect his charges from the slaughter inflicted by a foe even more ruthless and resourceful than those he faced overseas. As their brutal tactics erode what little is left of his damaged psyche, contempt for his decadent masters grows within him.

“made my pussy wet”
Okra Wiggy (megalomaniacal talk show host)

“Noch nie hab ich so etwas gelesen. Ven I getch mine hants on dis basterd I vill make of heem a girly man.”
Helmut Weissgruber (body builder/politician/action movie star)

“I’d like to smoke some cocaine with this guy”
Gregory U. Shrub (former president of the United States of America)

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“Nowlan at his best”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Florian Nadge

Never reckoned I’d be glad to say it but James Nowlan has become a repeat offender, and a remarkable one at that.
While Killebrity’s fast paced story enfolds, it becomes clear that the main character is no hero nor are there any others around to step up; probably just as well since bodies drop left; and right and on the way out everybody is getting their well deserved comeuppance . Nowlan knows how to paint a world fueled by vanity and violence, and just for good measure he is using a broad brush.

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All my life people have been trying to destroy me. I don’t understand why. I don’t actually exist.

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