Killer Cocktail

The heart of this mystery is the controversy over women's right to choose; it takes place soon after the Roe v. Wade decision protected that right.
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Book Description:
Chicago’s Women’s Health Clinic Explodes. Emily Winter’s Exclusive Report Tonight!
​In the summer of 1977, Chicago’s WSMP-TV investigative reporter Emily Winter covers the confrontation between a woman’s health clinic fighting to preserve a woman’s right to choose and the equally ardent demonstrators fighting against that right.
Before Emily can explore the depths of this battle, the clinic is violently attacked and a beloved clinic staff member is killed.
While there is no lack of suspects—anti-abortion proponents, a wealthy patron of that movement, a scruffy real estate speculator, a disgruntled clinic employee—there are few tangible clues and none of the suspects will cooperate with the investigation.
But all this pales when Emily, her husband Benjamin and their crusty Uncle Max face alarming sniper attacks.
Under that threat and protected by a spirited young and devoted woman bodyguard, Emily uses her ingenuity and her determined desire to get the story and get it right until she tears down the stone wall and brings the truth to light.
David M. Hamlin (Author)
David M. Hamlin was born in Washington, D.C., raised in Bethesda, Maryland and educated in Montgomery County public schools. He is a former VISTA volunteer and a cum laude graduate of Nasson College in Maine. He has enjoyed two careers, first as an executive with the American Civil Liberties Union and then as a partner in a successful Los Angles public relations and marketing agency which he co-founded with his wife, Sydney Weisman. He lives, writes and plays tennis in Palm Springs, California. David M. Hamlin is the author of a first-hand account of one of the most controversial free speech cases of the twentieth century, The Nazi/Skokie Conflict (Beacon Press, 1980). In 2009, he wrote Los Angeles’s Original Farmers Market (Arcadia Press, photos curated by Brett Arena). He has also written countless opinion page commentaries, freelance news and professional journal articles, a political satire column and the box copy for the Hot Wheels™ 40th Anniversary Edition Gilmore Oil White 3000 Truck and Agajanian Special midget racer.
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