If you’ve been to the beautiful Napa Valley, the title alone will draw you into this entertaining mystery. The Wine Train is a favorite trip for locals and visitors alike. With lunch or dinner parties that run almost daily, a delightful addition to any tour of the area. The unique event in this story is different, and it’s the inaugural trip to honor and unveil several new and exciting wines grown in the valley. Tickets to the special event sold out early. This train trip is all about tasting the new flavors, along with delightful food. At least until a bar helper found a body; the victim was a very unkind and disliked restaurant and wine critic, David Hatchett. The suspect list jumps to include 230 people on the train. A murder has a way of changing a person’s mood. Which brings us to our featured character, Hank Carson. On board to write a freelance article about the event. He asks a few questions for his article before a steward tells Charles Beaumont, the promoter, there’s a body in the wine cooler. Fortunately for the investigators, Hank, a retired LA police detective, assumed the role to protect the scene of the crime. Hank offered to take part in the investigation, in the search for a killer, and his attraction to Alicia Tomlinson, the lead Agent in charge. Interviewing a trainload of suspects was a time-consuming and confusing activity. As they check and cross check alibis to eliminate suspects, what they find narrows the field but increases the mystery. Later they learn a passenger went missing before the passenger interviews. If you enjoy good police procedural stories, you’ll enjoy this book. An all-around entertaining read. If you know the wine train, you will enjoy the setting. It is fast and fun, with likable characters. A good start to the new series from Bruce Alan Jensen. If you like your mysteries spiced with romance, you’ll love this one.
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About the Author

Before writing fiction, Bruce was active in the food service and restaurant industry, as middle management. Also, the owner two small restaurants, and an active consultant for the college and university operations. Since retiring, he has enjoyed travel around the US in his motor home where ideas came to him in potential locales for mystery stories. Bruce is now a semi-retired writer. He and Molly traveled around the US for over eight years, north to south, east to west. This gave him the opportunity to meet people from around the country and a few from Europe. Sadly, Molly is no longer with him. These experiences have provided fodder for his story ideas. Specifically, the locales where he lived for more than a few weeks. The only states that he hasn’t been to in his seventy-two years are Alaska and Maine. Maine is next on the list to visit. Bruce documented several of the unusual circumstances that he encountered. These experiences lead him to write a blog. Then short stories, and now a novel. During this time, he also developed drafts for two other novels and outlines for three more. The first book takes place on the Wine Train. His goal is to have Killer On The Train published and distributed in 2017. As a native Californian, he has enjoyed the scenic Napa Valley, the wineries, and even a meal aboard the train.

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