King Alfred’s English is a fun and enlightening view of English history in the format of four major language “invasions” and how they changed the shape and form of English. Surprising facts about people and wars, quirky details about spelling and grammar, fascinating word histories, all are packed together to form an overview of English history both entertaining and educational. The capstone of the book is the story of how we got the Bible in English and it’s influence upon our language, with emphasis on the ideas of the Reformation and the people who risked their lives so we could read God’s Word in our native tongue.

Free supplemental materials for students and teachers are available on the author’s website, including chapter worksheets and tests; links to online images, articles, and videos; and relevant literature excerpts that expand the lessons chapter by chapter.


> The English were NOT the British. In fact, they fought each other…a lot. And still today, if you call an English person British, he might very well correct you even though he knows you probably won’t understand.

> You probably don’t pronounce the word “when” like your parents. When you say “when” and “win,” do these words sound the same? If you’re under 40, they probably do. If you’re older, you may still pronounce the sound of the “h” and the words sound slightly different.

> The Brothers Grimm compiled German fairy tales, but they were also famous philologists (and what is a philologist anyway?)

> There’s a law for the way languages change that backs up Intelligent Design.

> For over 300 years the official language of the English court was…French! Seriously.

> There’s a reason we write “knight” but say “nite,” and you won’t believe how they used to pronounce it.

> It was once punishable by death to translate even portions of the Bible into English.

> Recent scholarship has shown that at least 80% of the King James Bible is the translation work of just one man. Who was he?

Recommended for grades 7–12 and curious adults.
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“Excellent book and perfect for homeschoolers!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By D. Dino

A homeschooling mom’s dream, King Alfred’s English: A History of the Language We Speak and Why We Should Be Glad We Do includes European and Bible history, etymology, literature and geography – all in one captivating book! Not only does this excellent read neatly incorporate several subjects in one readable volume, it does so with humor and clarity.

I absolutely loved this book!

We are adding it to our curricula and we highly recommend it for middle schoolers on up. (Elementary students would probably enjoy listening to it as a read aloud, as well.) View a more detailed review on my blog.

In the interests of full disclosure, I received a free copy of this book for review purposes,although my opinions are my own. Incidentally, I keep lending my hard copy out, so have since purchased a digital copy. Very highly recommended.

About the Author

Laurie White is a history teacher, tutor, and homeschooling mom of 3 kids (now grown). She writes books and materials for homeschools and Christian schools. Her book King Alfred’s English was chosen as a top ten pick in the CBD Home School Catalog in 2010 (year published). To find out more go to her website.

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