Kingdom of Swords and Seelie

If you find an ancient iron door in the middle of a forest…don’t open it.

Kingdom of Swords And Seelie

by – Darcy Murphy (Author)

An Urban Fantasy Mistaken Identity Romance

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Book Description:

If you find an ancient iron door in the middle of a forest…don’t open it.

Alicina Peterson is an ordinary country girl from Colorado – until a hike in the woods with her nine-year-old sister reveals a family secret…and a doorway to the fae court.

Getting lost while babysitting, in a forest overrun by dark creatures, is only slightly terrifying.

Worse? Emily followed her inside.

Mistaken for the cursed heiress to a powerful kingdom on the edge of civil war, Alicina’s only ally to find her little sister and escape is a morally-gray knight with mysterious powers.

Roald of Deld has loved Lady Alice since they were children, despite her obvious love match with his best friend. Now, fforced to protect Alicina against the Unseelie, he sees the perfect opportunity to have a fling with his crush’s lookalike. What could go wrong?

If you obsessed over Game of Thrones and A Court of Thorns and Roses you won’t be able to resist this compulsively addictive new series by Darcy Murphy.

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Reviews for the Book

I was able to read an advanced copy of this book and it definitely didn't disappoint! The author did a really nice job with the world building; it had a lot of imagination put into, a world I found myself easily picturing as I turned the pages. And even though the book was not necessarily geared towards my demographic, I still found the characters interesting, fun and engaging and wanting to know what would happen next. I've already recommended it to friends, which isn't something I often do. Looking forward to book two in the series to see what happens next!
 - B-Jamz