Kinmel Revisited

The fascinating story told herein began to unfold of an army officer and his wife who had lodged at Abergele in 1919 during the riot at camp.
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Book Description:

Today one could perhaps be forgiven for not noticing the small village of Bodelwyddan situated on the North Wales coast, but back in the year 1919, just after the war to end all wars, some four-hundred men of the Canadian expeditionary force stationed in the camp adjacent to the village, in 1919 the camp, and indeed Bodelwyddan, were on the front page of almost every tabloid in the country.

In 1990, author Robert (Bob) Bridge and his wife, Lilian, decided to retire from their jobs and move closer to their aged parents in Abergele, another village not far from Bodelwyddan. They purchased an old Victorian house and renovated it to more modern standards. As they proceeded, they encountered an old box in the corner. As they brushed away the dust, they saw the insignia of a Regiment that they were not familiar with. Inside that box were old manuscripts that were damp and almost unreadable, however they were able to make out the words, Kinmel Revisited.

The fascinating story told herein began to unfold of an army officer and his wife who had lodged at Abergele in 1919 during the riot at camp. You will find yourself in scenes of a long forgotten era where men screamed in pain and to the horrors that Captain George Sawley had witnessed.

Robert James Bridge (Author)
KINMEL REVISITED-CANADIAN HISTORICAL FICTION. As an author,like many others I am prepared to take criticism and comments,but would just like to say all four of the Hell Bent Series are infact fiction and Jim Bent is a fictional character,as are all of my crime series books.Sprinkled with sex and violence I have noted this by saying they are adult fiction and not for children to read.I have to admit they contain graphic sexual scenes and some might be offended,but this is real life and things happen that sometimes offend us?.Jim Bent is Just an ex met cop who faces life as it is?. Member of Crime Writers Association Great Britain-The Hell Bent Series of fictional crime!. A BOLT FROM THE BLUE-THE HALIFAX EXPLOSION,CANADIAN HISTORICAL FICTION AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZONKINDLE KDP. .CO.UK .COM ETC. Now also on Kindle and available to read is the first and second on the Hell Bent Series.The first being Hell Bent on Murder and now we have Hell Bent on Revenge,coming shortly is Hell Bent on Corruption and this takes Jim to a murder in the Publishing fraternity.I hope readers have enjoyed the series so far, and will want to read more of Jim Bent and his adventures.Dont forget Kinmel Revisited Historical Fiction is also available to read now!. Coming shortly is the third in the hell bent series entitled HELL BENT ON CORRUPTION and this one takes its readers into the world of publishing!.Number four in the series is now up and ready for any faithful readers,and this is called HELL BENT ON BLACKMAIL!. I am a published author who is now retired so I spend most of my days either researching or writing books.Today I have many other books awaiting publication including another of historical fiction and indeed a series of fictional crime I am hoping to put on the kindle books site in the near future. A series I fondly call The Hell Bent Series since it features an ex met cop called Jim Bent.After fifteen years as a cop in the Met and a bullet still lodged in his back from a failed bank robbery Jim decides its time he took up a new occupation,an occupation he never realised would take him to his old stamping ground on the streets of London.Now available is book four in the hell bent series entitled Hell Bent on Blackmail.The cover of this book was from-www.the cover whom I thank very much!. I hope readers of kindle enjoy reading my latest venture which features my premier tome of historical fiction entitled “Kinmel Revisited” on Kindle?.Although the story is infact true and the events at Kinmel Army Camp in 1919 did happen.I have woven a story of history and mystery using fictional characters so as not to offend any living relatives. Although today I have two books published in America ,I did have four published in Canada in 2007 ie a series of crime and kinmel Revisited,but alas for some reason they were remaindered in 2008 and copyrights returned to me the author. Today I continue to enjoy writing and hope readers enjoy my books on the Kindle site. Kinmel Revisited was created when my wife and I once lived in North Wales.It was whilst we stood over the five graves with the Maple Leaf Emblem on them,I knew one day I would write the complete story.A story of a riot by some four hundred men of the Canadian Expeditonary Force at Kinmel Army Camp in North Wales, A Riot that happened simply because the men wanted to go home after fighting in the war to end all wars.The camp conditions were said to be worse than those in the trenches. With a flu epidemic sweeping the camp and lack of pay it seems the men could take no more and the descision to riot came about!.
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