Kissing In The Rain

by – Venis Nytes (Author)

 An erotic short story collection 

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Book Description:

A debut erotic collection of 4 short stories. In Kissing in the Rain, each story has captured the characters in a small moment that leads to a pleasurable experience. Love and pleasure are found in backyards, alleyways, at a party, and even in a sketchy part of town. Rain is the only common element in each story. So settle back alone or with a lover or two and enjoy the spicy encounters, my newest Nyte Reader. HEAs are not guaranteed, but HFNs are.

Happy Reading ~ Venus Nytes

Aspine: Usually, nothing good comes from dark alleys, but I beg to differ…

Let Me In: A torrential rainstorm, a mysterious woman, and a party

Mending Fences: What is a little broken fence between neighbors? (MMF)

Oil and Roses: These two come together in an ex-sex midnight tryst like oil and…

Kinky Rollercoaster

What a ride!

Enough smut to make your mother blush, unless she is a smutty mummy…then she’ll probably love it!! I truly loved this book. A hidden gem. The whole experience was like having a dirty little one-night stand…or several of them, in the version of a book.- SJ Brand

It’s amazzziiiiinnnngggg!!!

First I want to say, the way you described every scene, fantastic. The characters felt real not some cliche erotica only filled with amazing sex, you also showed emotions. Absolutely loved it, would recommend to anyone. – Mystic

A Fun, Sexy Read

This was a fun, sexy read! Venis Nytes presents four sensual short stories of varying types, all with perfectly satisfying storylines. The characters are believable and real, and the sex is very well written and emotional.- CafeBlush

Warnings/Triggers: Tales are purely fictional and for entertainment only. There are explicit depictions of sexual acts, graphic adult language, group sex, possession, MMF sex, consensual sex, adult characters, older characters, light kink. If any of these things bother or trigger you, are not your particular choice of reading please do not purchase, borrow, and absolutely do not read. However, if you take your pleasure seriously and don’t mind getting lost in the heat and steam of a story then proceed at your own horny pace.

About the Author: Venis Nytes

Writing under the Penname Venis Nytes, this author started as a book blogger, book reviewer, and author promoter. She quickly fell in love with indie authors and started a small business providing promotions and reviews explicitly for the indie author community, watching many go on to achieve success.

Venis Nytes loves reading and started writing steamy stories in her teens at an age and time when it was inappropriate. In late 2015 she began writing again, but full-time caretaking for ill and disabled family members forced her to put her writing on hold once more. Finally, she restarted her writing journey five years later, learning as she wrote.

Venis can be found with a tablet in hand reading paranormal, alien, and monster romance when not writing and editing. She enjoys engaging with authors and readers on her social media pages. Venis also writes fantasy with a hint of magical realism, paranormal and steamy romantic fiction.

You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (Meta), and TikTok.

Venis Nytes makes her home in Florida with her husband and her two adopted cats, who seem to want num nums and pets most when she is busy writing.