KLS-9 by Leigh Grissom

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Book Description

Kerry Sheridan came to Horizon with nothing but the clothes on her back and her name. She’s lived for three years, fighting the blank spots in her memory and the urge to drink the rest of it into oblivion, haunted by blood-soaked nightmares that feel too real. It’s an uneasy life, but the only one she can remember.

When the body of her landlord is discovered, she knows it’s time to go. But this time, it’s not a straight road out of Horizon.

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“A great read of future not far distant.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jeri L Perkins

Great new author! Inventive engaging plot that is a page turner. Character development was excellent and you really feel for the anti-hero in this novel. I started reading and couldn’t put it down.

About the Author

Leigh Grissom knew she was on to something at age ten, when she wrote a one-page story about a man watching a building burn. It creeped out her already-creepy teacher, and Leigh hasn’t stopped writing since. She lives in Texas with her husband, her rescue cat, and an army of family and friends who believe she’s still chasing the right dream.

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