Knight of Sol – seeds of vengeance by Adrian G. Whittle

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Humanity’s accomplishments on Terra cast a dark shadow over sol and the surrounding systems with a menacing and very real threat to our existence. The seeds of corruption created a beautiful thing of intelligence far beyond our own, but now it threatens us with pain, suffering and total annihilation. Meanwhile, the fate of Jonah Marston may prove to be the solution needed for peace, but first, we must trace his steps from the very beginning and follow the events that transpired to give him powers far beyond our comprehension.

This is the first novella in a planned series of five books, to follow the fight for justice and the survival of humanity. Amongst the chaos that will encompass all, civil war, lost subjects and alien entities defy everything we know. No one is safe— even the god-like Jonah is susceptible to forces that no one would expect or imagine. Through the series, others will join Jonah as the fight becomes almost hopeless in its ferocity, with painful losses felt amongst them and unimaginable carnage that affects every quarter of human-occupied space.

Everything has changed. An apex being created another with a perceived higher purpose and sense of superiority, and now the fight for survival begins. This first book sets up the internal power struggle in the military alliance, the conflicting nature of the Soulless and the Unfamiliars, and sees the birth of the original and most powerful Night of Sol.
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About the Author

Before baby, I liked gaming, movies and going out for a drink – now and then 😉
I love the country and taking the family on nature walks. We have a dog called Kenzie that’s totally nuts! He’s a collie / rotty / husky… actually who knows what he is, he’s just a hairy ball of craziness.

Currently, I work as a forklift driver and have been doing so for over ten years. I’ve dabbled with some HGV driving in that time, but with the long hours involved, I never had the time for family life or my writing.

I’ve been creating stories since my youth but the dream of becoming a full-time writer still continues. Thankfully Amazon give’s us indie authors a chance to showcase our work and hopefully – at least – I can give someone a degree of joy from reading one of my books.

Constantly learning, I love to have constructive criticism or indeed some praise – if deserved.
I’m highly critical of my work and never actually think its good enough, so if I did get awesome reviews I’d be very suspicious lol.