Knockin’ Doorz Down: A Story of Breaking Through the Darkness and Finding Redemption

At age thirty-four, he finally stops once and for all.

Knockin’ Doorz Down is the inspirational story of one man’s heroic struggle against inner demons that nearly destroy him, though he ultimately recovers and finds a unique pathway to redemption and peace.

Successful entrepreneur Carlos Vieira was raised on his family’s sweet potato farm in Livingston, California. As a teenager, Vieira is popular and athletic, all set to join the family business, but the allure of recreational drug use leads to a party lifestyle that derails both his career and personal life.

In this cautionary tale, we see how the isolation of addiction affects every aspect of Vieira’s existence. Here are the binges, the excesses, the relapses, the rehabs, the arrests, the nights in jail, and the multiple resolutions to recover. At age thirty-four, he finally stops once and for all.

Through it all, he offers a timeless message: no matter what you may be struggling with—family challenges, addiction, financial issues, health troubles, or relationship problems—you can pull yourself from the brink, knock down a new door, and create a brand-new life, becoming the person you were always meant to be.