So who killed tabloid news reporter Terry DeHavilland? And might his vicious murder have been connected to his last ever assignment, which concerned a ‘Westminster Pedophile ring?’ D.S. Todd needs to find out, and quick, because someone, someone powerful, has decided that Todd fits nicely in the frame.

Thought provoking, well written and engaging”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Bluebell

I very much enjoyed reading this book. Eddie Heaton has an engaging writing style which makes you want to read the next chapter but without it seeming like another one of those cheap thrillers.

It starts off with a suspicious death and we soon become immersed into the world of the detective investigating it. We also go quite quickly into what I think is the most interesting part of the book which is the child abuse allegations and the politics around them. It’s very true to life and what is happening in the UK at the moment and I found the book really did make me think about what was going on at the moment. Why despite all this evidence are the allegations of systematic abuse by politicians over decades not being properly investigated? The book offers a few potential theories which are all plausible. A well as the child abuse theme there is a lot about London and about the riots that took place a few years ago. The writing manages to transport you back and you get a real sense of the massive inequalities that still exist in the UK today.

Overall I would say I really enjoyed reading the book, it’s well written, easy to read and thought provoking. I would definitely recommend it to others. A good book for your daily commute or on holiday and despite the serious subject matter it’s very entertaining.

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