Kruella: A Daughter’s Tale

Brilliant book but very sad hear that sharrons life was so horrible the book is well written and easy to read.
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Book Description:

Sharron tells her harrowing story of her childhood growing up disadvantaged, severely neglected and abused by her mother. This gripping, honest, deep and graphic account catalogues the errors and failures, which allowed the abuse to go on and leave scars into her adulthood. She decided to write this book to reveal the real devastation childhood trauma can have throughout a victims life but with hope and the realisation you are not alone and not to blame, greatness can be achieved. This moving and heart breaking story shows the courage, strength and determination of a woman not wanting to be defined by her past, to be freed and let other victims know that through adversity you can succeed. Cover illustrator: Marshall Gilchrist ~
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This is the most openly written book i have ever read !!! Deep ,rawand truthful that encourages you to look deeper and confront your own life, as a survivor,but more so to help others. Tackling issues of abuse but more so the failure of those around with authority of protection, i highly recommend this book not only for adults but children and more so those in charge of child protection! Every library should have this. Look forward to sharton being invited to speak at schools especially. Thank you sharron for being brave,blunt and honest. I am privelaged to have got a chance to read this!

-- Vanessa okello

A shocking account of child abuse. Harrowing and sad. It's a miracle the author, Sharron Hope, survived and achieved success in later life. Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down, reading it from start to finish in one go.

-- Nick P.

About the Author ▸ S K Hope

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