As far as Crystal Knew, she was just a normal girl. Sure, there were some instances where she wondered if she were something more, but what more could she be other than a foster kid from Nevada? There’s no such things as vampires and witches…right?

After abruptly leaving home to study Zoology in California, Crystal runs into Alveya Tera, a beautiful, and, yet, dangerous member of the mysterious Josbryn family. After recovering from an almost fatal car accident she soon learns that there are definitely more than just animals and humans in the world. She also learns that the beast her mother died protecting her from wasn’t just a part of her imagination.

Neither was her unusual appetite for meat.
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A must read!!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By brenda l. moreno

I received an ARC for an honest review. The story is crazy awesome. I don’t usually read about lesbian or gay relationships, but the story is very well told. Yes a bit misspells here and there but it is understandable. Krystal is a confused teen. She knows she is not normal but never realized what she really is. A past that she don’t really remember haunts her. She is a powerful being and there are evil people that want to destroy her especially for what she is. The unexpected also happened too as Alveya got into her life. Krystal & Alveya didn’t expect the outcome but they must fight to survive. There is lust, love, fighting, shifters, and witches. I totally loved the story how it was well put. Did I mention how I hate cliffhangers. Lol… can’t wait to read the next book Destiny!!

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