La Petite Negress by SHELAAGH

1772 La Petite, courageously escapes slavery in Jamaica with her brother across the seas to freedom in England. They have no money, no contacts and no papers. How can they survive?

Hope is eroding but a carefree dance changes the tide. La Petite’s unique allure attracts a mysterious aristocrat who draws her into an elite partnership. When tragedy strikes, La Petite finds herself on the wrong side of the law. Heart Pounding she is forced to go on the run. Fearful and alone, unsure of who is friend or foe, La Petite needs her wits to survive her precarious ordeal that sees her on an action filled journey across the mainland, unwittingly getting deeper and deeper into seemingly irreversible trouble…

La Petite Negress is a lyrical adventure astonishingly written in verse but one would hardly notice. The characters are intriguing and the narrative page turning compelling.
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“Easy read.”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Mia

Kept me interested and I learned a few things too like the ordeal of the slaves in England in the earlier days.

About the Author

SHELAAGH is a British author of Jamaican and Guyanese parentage. She graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London with a masters degree and is also an actor, singer and film producer.

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