Lake Girl

A suspenseful, paranormal mystery story that will keep them guessing from the very first chapter to the final astonishing conclusion.

When Lily Lane first accepts the job in the small town of Lakeview Shores, she thinks she’s destined for a lazy summer serving food at the local hangout. She couldn’t have anticipated the disastrous turn her life takes before it ends.


Lily dies on the lake, but she has no idea who killed her. Instead, she is stuck in limbo as a spirit. Lily can observe others but has no way of affecting the physical world—that is, until Rose shows up. Rose, a magazine reporter, is Lily’s biological mother. Rose is determined to get justice and shares a special psychic connection with the daughter she has never known.


Together with Lily’s best friend, Jeremy, Rose begins investigating a series of crimes occurring in Lakeview Shores. Is Lily’s death connected to the thefts plaguing the community, or is it due to the actions of someone no one would have suspected? As Rose and Lily grow closer, both mother and daughter will discover that nothing is as it seems in this quiet community. Rose’s mission is important, but if she isn’t careful, it may just doom her to the same fate her daughter suffered.

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