51M80rhRxFL._UX250_“By mere inches do the gods shift, ere so slightly, the flight of a single solitary arrow,
and so is altered the course of human history.”

With a single puff of air, that one arrow misses its intended mark and the human history of North America changes. Descendents of Celtic and Viking immigrants now settle the northern continent, naming it Eirgalon – the Land Beyond the Sunset. Into this timeline, a young man by the unlikely name of “Skoth” comes of age as he follows his quest to find the key to preserving this timeline of his humanity. And when he finds it – is it the right key? Delightful characters combined with mystic elements of lore and legend are interwoven into this fast paced and engaging narrative, delighting and satisfying the reader. In our history, the Celtic and Nordic excursions westward across the Atlantic ended before the time of Columbus, but this fantasy tale makes one wonder: What if ….?

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“A Mythical Tale of New World Alternate Reality”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Keith

Seeped in Celtic/Nordic and Native American culture/mythology, the author spins an intriguing tale of what might have been after Europeans came to North America. The cultural mix provides a rich cast of interesting characters, whose fates are shaped by the respective cultural traditions and the mythical/magical forces of the new world. Recommended to readers who enjoy “quest” stories with a mythological background. If you like this tale, you will look forward to a sequel, which has been promised by the author.

About the Author

Joel Kreger (1954- ) was born into a farming community in central Minnesota, attended college in Nebraska and seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. For 17 years he pastored Lutheran congregations in Iowa and Wisconsin, and for the last 18 years has taught History and English in a small rural northern Wisconsin high school. He has traveled throughout the United States, and in Europe, South America, and Africa. He has developed a reputation for reflection on life lessons and teaching them with insight and humor. Joel tells us that he first read the Lord of the Rings when he was twelve and has re-read it at least once every three years ever since. Asked “why” his response is: “A good story is worth hearing again and again, and when you love fantasy and science fiction, you never tire of it.”

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