ddfdHow would you handle it when your faithful dog started to speak to you after a nasty blow to the head? You’d probably not want to take the event too seriously…
However, when that dog is joined by countless others, from hog people to bird warriors, all who claim you are the reincarnation of their greatest wizard, you might find life a little harder to handle…
A boy, Callum, discovers he is one of the Awoken. Mortals who can see the magical world beyond our own and more importantly, can cross over. But he is not just another normal Awoken, he is a wizard who must embark on a quest to travel to the Land of Fading Light to defeat Dark Lord Dalmar, a powerful wizard who threatens the existence of both worlds.
He and those who travel with him, fight many terrible enemies and when they face the final great battle, everyone must find the courage they need to save themselves and each other. Will Callum succeed in his quest and fulfil his destiny? Or will Dalmar and the mighty dragons, the scourge of the sky, destroy their world and ours?

Publishers Comments

This story reminds us of what it is like to be young and understand pure adventure. Land of the Awoken reminds us of stories such as the Hobbit and the adventures in Narnia, books which stay with us into adulthood. If your older children and teenagers love excitement, fantasy, magic and myth, then Land of the Awoken is one for them.

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“Excellent book by a promising new author”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Musicalgreg

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book and to read this kind of book (fantasy) was a first for me, but as it was written by someone that was in my year at school, I thought it seemed right to give it a go.
I loved Ben’s book from start to finish, my imagination whilst reading his book was able to run riot and almost make me feel that I was part of the journey to the horrible Castle Varr thanks to the descriptive writing in this book.
Can’t wait for the next book to be published.
Well done Ben.

About the Author

Having grown up in a family of actors I’ve always felt I have a creative spark. At first I directed my passion toward the stage, then to music, but I never felt truly comfortable with either. My notebook was full of scribbled ideas for stories and characters and when I stopped looking at them from an acting point of view it was natural to see them from a writer’s perspective instead. It was then I started to enjoy myself. I only write fiction, as most things in my head are exactly that. My imagination reigns supreme.

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