Land Without Shame

by – James Nathaniel Miller II (Author)

A Cody Musket Jr. Thriller (The Cody Musket Series Book 4)

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Book Description:

Library Bub 2020 Top Mystery/Thriller

2022 Readers Favorite Silver Medal Award Winner

A young covert fighter is caught between his desire for vengeance and a higher calling.
Cody Musket Jr., son of the famous baseball player, has assumed a leadership role in his parents’ continuing battle against child trafficking. His SEAL survival training has revealed his strengths and taught him his limitations. Yet, he struggles with his identity: Is he an avenger or an evangelist?

A famous film star has everything she desires, except what matters.
Diamond Casper is an Oscar-winning actress. But her beauty has not brought her peace or love. No one likes her. She doesn’t even love herself.

Diamond and Cody, two strangers, are cast together after their commuter flight has been hijacked. It crashes near an uncharted Caribbean island which they soon discover is a gold mine sitting under a volcano. The mine uses homeless underaged laborers.

When the volcano begins to erupt, they must team up to free the children and escape the island. A true thriller, a moving love story, and a tale of honor and redemption.

Reviews for the Book

"I could hardly put it down! . . . I've enjoyed all the books in this series. I would like to see another one." - Sheryl Young
"Very well written, gripping and densely packed thriller that had you periodically laughing out loud." Readers Favorite
"The Musket series continues!! I did not want to stop reading. Cody Jr. is a reflection of his parents. James N. Miller has written an amazing series. Easy to read, lots of action, and some amazing characters!"- Renee Watkins 
"Awesome story! Reading the lines filled me with an adrenalin rush, always holding my breath in anticipation for the next outcome. The Cody Musket Jr. story gives me hope!"- Martha Ngel

About the Author: James Nathaniel Miller II

AWARD WINNING AUTHOR JAMES N. MILLER has been described as a realist, comic, writer, and entrepreneur. He is a gifted speaker who has entertained thousands, and his inspirational tweets and posts have traversed the world. He became a writer, he says, because he has things he wants to say. He is a fiction author and sometimes contributor for The Liberty Beacon worldwide media group.

He is a pilot with over 8000 hours in the air, a former business owner, a husband, father and grandfather. He lives in Waco, Texas with his wife Carla.

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