gyrrtrerWill a succubus fall in love with a mortal while fulfilling his last fantasy? When an ageing author of the erotica genre boards the Amtrak Empire Builder as it heads West crossing many rivers, he will live out his most erotic fantasies with the characters he created, when he meets a succubus on vacation. When they bond, it is inevitable that he will cross his last river on their journey.

Warning: This is a novella in the erotica genre. It involves adult themes and describes explicit sexual acts and should only be read by by adult readers, 18 and over. All the characters involved are adults.

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“Great read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By KT McColl

I’ve read just about everything A.V. Roe has written and would have to say that Last River to Cross is his best effort to date. The novel tells the story of an author in the twilight of his life who is visited by a succubus. Rather than being tormented by her, she shifts into the characters he has written about and enables him to live the erotic adventures that he has fictionalized in his novels.

It’s an unusual device (insinuating the author in his own novel) and I had my doubts at the beginning, but as the novel progressed, I was completely sucked in.

While readers of Mr. Roe’s other novels will have the benefit of being acquainted with certain characters, this novel doesn’t require this knowledge. Last River to cross stands alone and is a thoroughly enjoyable, creative, and highly erotic tale.

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Amateur wordsmith of the kinky story.

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