Layla’s Song

hey must find a way of coming up with the ransom within five days. Michael’s journey will take him the whole way from Belfast to Dublin.
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Book Description:

Michael’s worst fears are realized when his criminal past catches up to him. His daughter is kidnapped by his old gang, who are intent on getting back what Michael owes to them.With the help of his estranged brother, Carl. They must find a way of coming up with the ransom within five days.Michael’s journey will take him the whole way from Belfast to Dublin.
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If you are a fan of modern action films such as Fast And Furious 28, you will love this novel. This novel has non-stop action from the first chapter until the last page. Layla's Song is so accessible. It is written in the first tense so the reader is in with the action. Although the novel is peppered with some lovely literary touches, it is written simply, which makes it so easy to understand. The font used is bigger than the font some novels use, and this makes the novel less daunting to read. If you have a teenager who loves action films, hand them a copy of Layla's Song. If you are a regular reader looking for a quick, easy read, pick up Layla's Song. The only downside to this novel is the lack of proof reading before it went to print. But if you get past the spelling mistakes, you will find Paul McCracken's action novel set in Belfast - the one capital city that rarely finds its way into a novel - is a breath of fresh air on so many levels.

Paul McCracken (Author)

Author has recently published the book ▸Layla’s Song. This book is avaiable on leading bookstores, get your copy now and help the author by writing a review of the book.
Paul McCracken was born 16th January 1991 in the Ulster hospital, Dundonald, just outside of Belfast. He grew up in the Castlereagh area of east Belfast where he also went to school. Ever since he could hold a pencil, he wanted to be an artist and no-one, not even the school career advisor could tell him otherwise. He left education with only three GCSE’s and an Art diploma. He tried to make it as a fine artist whilst also trying to find any work to support himself financially. However, the more he learned about the commercial art world, the more he wanted no part in it. In spring 2011, he enrolled in a five day film making course through the Prince’s Trust charity. He always had a passion for storytelling. During the course, he impressed the owner of the studio at which the course was being held, through the raw creativity he displayed. The studio owner was the first to encourage Paul to write his own material, that material being screenplays. After leaving the course with new found confidence and ambition, Paul started to learn the craft of screenwriting and got to work writing his very first feature film. After securing full time work later that year, he found a renewed inspiration to write again and wrote a full length film script in the space of a week. Paul kept on writing other projects as well as continually editing the first script, but he kept the fact he was writing close to himself as he didn’t want to face any negativity if he were to tell anyone. The script would go on to score highly in an international screenplay competition, based out of Los Angeles. It would then place in the quarter-finals of the same competition for the next two years in a row, accompanied by another screenplay that Paul wrote next. Years later, after entering competitions, pitching, submitting and doing some occasional freelance scriptwriting, Paul wanted to find a way to get his work into the public eye. Writing a novel was a challenge that seemed daunting but also exciting. Having first thought of converting his best script into a novel, he decided to come up with a completely original story. The novel would secure Paul an agent as well as a publishing contract. Paul is now 27, he is still a factory worker who moonlights as a writer. Hoping that his writing will be his lottery ticket out of the factory. He has a daughter who is coming two. She is the inspiration behind his new novel “Layla’s Song” a kidnap thriller set in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
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