Leaders are not born, they are developed. Everyone has an opportunity to be a great leader if they’re willing to put in the practice that leadership requires. They must also be open to putting themselves out there to fail or succeed. So, ask yourself: Do I want to learn new ways to improve myself and change the way I approach challenges and opportunities?

If the answer is yes, you need Lead or Get Out of the Way! Infused with lessons from his forty-year career, Gary J. Vien shares eight powerful principles of leadership along with ways to make you more effective at work and throughout your life. He’ll show you how to build relationships, take control of what you can control, be the owner of your actions, use business etiquette, observe your environment, and take advantage of what you have. Told with a mix of storytelling, anecdotes, and a dash of fun, this book is the breakout you’re looking for!

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