by Mark Ridgely (Author)

Sam's swing echoes louder than golf - it shapes a nation.

Book Description:​

The third Sam Hook novel describes the state of the nation as he tries to get access to play on the professional golf tour. The country is in a panic. Leadership is non-existent leaving open an opportunity for the secret “Organization” to grow their influence. They prod the Muslims in the Detroit Michigan area to carve out a new country, providing a false leader to assist in the American structure. Because of the lenient view on terrorism, a group of Muslims backed by the secret “Organization” stake their claim to Detroit as a new country.
A phone call from Erin Bronte prompts Sam Hook to stay in Columbus with Crystol Lombardo instead of pursuing his goal of becoming a touring professional golfer. Sam gets involved in this, tearing himself away from his goal of playing golf to help a woman he barely knows.
The President and Congress dissolved the borders with Canada and Mexico in the name of global unity. A large religious population decides to take advantage and organize according to their stated doctrine and long-term religious goal. The American government approves of this organization. The local reaction is muted by uncertainty. All of the change is choreographed by a global cabal influencing decisions by involving themselves in politics (In the same way SPECTRE did in the Bond series). Erin’s father found documents curing cancer, and they are in the basement of a large building in Detroit prompting Sam’s arrival. The decision to rescue her creates the conflict to validate the new country.
Andre, the representative of the Organization meets Sam in less than ideal circumstances? Their hand-to-hand fighting results in draws and death to others. The end is near for one of them.

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Mark Ridgely (Author)

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I’ve wanted to write since seventh grade, finding a place on the high school newspaper, writing for the Heidelberg University newspaper as the sports editor and taking several creative writing classes, gave me an outlet for writing. Most of my writing over the past 30 years was for business communication. I started my own business in insurance and real estate. After 17 years, I sold the business and started a new career. Amongst the trials and tribulations of the career change, I started writing to keep sane. In December 2012, I started my first fictional novel “Duck Hook.” It was a book derived from stress and the desire to write. “Center Cut,” the continuation of the Sam Snead Hook story, was started a few weeks after Duck Hook was completed. I enjoy writing for several reasons, but I have to say, one of the biggest is the characters talking to me. I must tell their story. Sam Hook lives in my head and his story consumes my thoughts, as do many others. My family begrudgingly supports my solitude to write. I am an avid golfer and read obsessively. My daughters, Hannah and Kirsten, are in the working world. My wife of over 30 years, Becky, is a first grade teacher, giving the stability to finish what I start. Then there’s Ava, my best friend. She’s an English Setter, supplying the never ending love to move forward.
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