Leadership With A Purpose

by – Robert Murphy (Author)

Motivating Your Engineers 

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Book Description:

Effectively motivating, inspiring and leading engineering professionals is about putting people first.

Here’s how you do it.

In today’s world, effectively motivating and managing highly intelligent technology professionals is challenging. Around the world, people are more educated, informed and highly social about their careers and employers, making retention and employee happiness a full-time job. In fact, companies are beginning to recognize these impacts and have begun employing more “PeopleOps” type human resources professionals to tackle this head-on.

The reality is that most engineers don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. While having a swanky and modern human resources strategy helps keep the company on the cutting edge of benefits and overall happiness, it does not solve the root problem – having good managers that motivate engineering teams.

In the remote and global workforce that we all participate in, establishing a healthy work culture with safe boundaries is an ongoing task that cannot be forced. Add in the complexities of global cultural differences and political phenomena; it’s every leader’s nightmare to manage well.

This book will cover what makes an engineering culture, how to cultivate it, and how to build trust with your teams.
After reading this book, you can effectively motivate, inspire and lead engineering professionals of all levels that are happy and loyal to you.

With years of experience within the software engineering and technology sectors, Robert Murphy has become an expert in building healthy company cultures and motivating engineering professionals.

Once deemed “The King of Culture” by a previous employer, he is passionate about helping other technology leaders on their mission to build highly effective teams. In this debut book, Robert describes his proven methods and provides a roadmap to successful leadership with a purpose!

Reviews for the Book

The book is tailored for technology domain and provides very well structured and detailed examples of what is needed to develop leadership in these areas. For instance the section on Engineering Culture is very good, this is an area where non-tech leaders have often difficulty navigating. Examples of how to handle toxic behavior are very valuable. The discussions on EQ, Empathy, IQ, Self-Awareness, Motivation, Compassion, Soft-Skills, are areas where technology professionals often need help and are explained very well. Chapters on Management Style provide a high level view of how to manage your leadership and sections on Multi-Cultural teams and Virtual teams make this discussion extremely relevant in current times. Very well written book highly recommended ! - ghanshyam sharma

About the Author: Robert Murphy

When asked about the greatest motivation in his life, Robert Murphy reflected upon his career and dedicated that title to his mother. At the young age of 14, he stepped into the world of software engineering as an amateur programmer. Robert’s mother wholeheartedly supported his ventures, and he eventually became an entrepreneur of online text-based games. It was the combination of early-on successes and his mother’s undying encouragement that fueled his ambition and passion for the industry.

Backed by years of experience within the technology sector, Robert has served in various capacities that added to his prowess in software engineering, business development, team building, and people management. He has built his own successful businesses from the ground up and played a pivotal part in the growth of other companies. Throughout multiple leadership roles, Robert noticed one secret ingredient that made all the difference in the propensity of any business— company culture.

Celebrated for his people-first leadership style, Robert was often referred to as ‘The King of Culture’ by a previous employer. From proper recognition and compensation to expert-level professional development, he became renowned for his ability to develop staff talent and leverage that expertise for the betterment of any company. Robert once experienced the strife many inexperienced leaders face in the software engineering field, including apathetic and unmotivated team members.

With a passion for helping others, Robert has now turned his attention to helping leaders within the technology field establish healthy company cultures and motivate intelligent but underperforming, engineering professionals. Although Leadership with a Purpose: Motivating Your Engineers is his first book, he has written numerous blog posts and case studies on the subject.

When he is away from the office, Robert enjoys relaxing by heading outdoors to fish or hunt. As a pilot, he also loves dedicating much of his time to maintaining his skills as an aviator. He can often be found heading out on flights to explore the country. When the weather isn’t cooperating, he feels content to stay at home in his house located in Central Florida to experience lazy mornings, evenings in the hot tub, and a single malt scotch by the fire. Even when he is not working, Robert is consistently researching his industry to stay updated on today’s best practices in engineering and proven trends in culture building.

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